Berkeley LSEC - Nucleate Fellowship: tech landscaping, due diligence, and sourcing

Become a Berkeley LSEC-Nucleate Fellow

Berkeley Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Center and Nucleate are selecting the inaugural cohort of Fellows to provide hands-on training in landscaping new technologies and an introduction to due diligence and sourcing.

Apply now by June 1, 2022

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Program Details


Berkeley PhD students (post-qualifying exam) + postdocs.


5 hours per week from July 1 through December 16, 2022.


A $4000 stipend will be provided by Berkeley LSEC.


Identify key factors in early stages of technology development. Independent projects to examine self-chosen ‘Target Area’ with mentorship from academic and industry experts.


Collaborate with cohort peers and network with VCs to brainstorm through challenges in translating cutting-edge science into new ventures.

We are thrilled to welcome our Spring 2022 Fellows to the Nucleate-Berkeley LSEC Innovation Fellowship.

Vanessa Yang

PhD candidate, Matthew Francis Lab, College of Chemistry

Andrew Ligeralde

PhD Candidate, Michael DeWeese Lab, Biophysics Graduate Group

Moe Bakhtiari

Postdoctoral Scholar, Noah Whiteman Lab, Department of Integrative Biology

So grateful to our first set of fantastic Fellows for helping to build the program. Thank you to Berkeley LSEC's Expert in Residence, Tobias Schmid, for making the program possible.

Elisabeth Gill

Postdoctoral Scholar, Kevin Healy Lab, California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

PhD, University of Cambridge

Hunter Johnson

4th year PhD student, David Schaffer Lab, Dept of Bioengineering

Bowen Wang

5th year PhD student, Ke Xu Lab, College of Chemistry

Tobias Schmid

Expert in Residence

PhD 2021, Michael Yartsev Lab, UC Berkeley

Swanson Fellow, The Column Group

Alumni Ambassador and co-founder, Nucleate Bay Area