Genesis, for next-generation biotech company creators

Genesis program

This virtual, hands-on educational curriculum teaches scientists to turn ideas into viable biotech ventures. Participants will apply core principles of biotech company creation around Nucleate's venture prompts and pitch an esteemed expert panel.


All applications reviewed and accepted into the program on a rolling basis. Successful prospective participants will submit an application and complete two rounds of interviews with Nucleate Genesis leadership.

02 Strategy Support

Industry Mentors
Long-term guidance from experienced
entrepreneurs & biotech executives.

Legal Strategy
Navigate the IP and corporate law landscapes with guidance from legal experts.

Clinical Consulting
Work with clinical residents to explore unmet clinical needs and interview KOLs.


Receive critical feedback on venture proposals from leading industry and academic experts.


Build theoretical and practical understanding of venture creation via guest lectures and case studies.


Teams present to an audience of program mentors, industry experts, and top-tier VC judges.


  • Who can apply?

    Participation in the program requires a strong command over the scientific literature. We will prioritize individuals who have a demonstrated technical background in the biomedical and biological sciences. Apply here by Jan 28th, 2024:

  • What are the expectations on time commitment?

    Program participants are expected to commit 6-10 hours per week, including workshops and lectures.

  • What if I don’t already have a compelling idea for a new bioventure?

    You don’t need an idea! The cohort will be assigned pre-screened prompts which teams will use to generate bioventure concepts throughout the duration of the program. A significant portion of the program includes hands-on-training to teach how to generate novel and commercially viable scientific ideas.

  • Can my idea become a real biotech company?

    In fact, this is encouraged. While this is an educational experience, you will be building venture concepts around topics that have high commercial interest. We will support you with possible next steps, including incorporation and beyond.

  • Who owns the ideas I generate?

    Like our other programs, Nucleate does not retain the rights to any intellectual property generated during the Genesis program. All teams reserve the right to continue developing their venture concepts however they wish.

  • Can I participate in the Activator and Genesis Program concurrently?

    Due to the time commitment associated with both programs, we limit the participation of each individual to one Nucleate program.

  • How will teams be formed? Can I apply to the program with a pre-formed team?

    Teams will be formed based on alignment of scientific interests and diversity of technical backgrounds. Applicants can only apply as individuals - not as pre-formed teams.